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Out of the country
But very much at home
Soaking in culture
And not a small amount of booze

Trekking through the city
Navigating with a sponsored map
Seeking the “nice view point”
Taking all opportunities

A trip with friends
Jokes and laughing,
Thoughts and just a little contemplation

Buildings and statues
Reminiscing of old school days
Letting ourselves wonder
What the future had in store

Money to enjoy our time
No worries had made the plane
Souvenir shopping, snapping pics
Trying not to be those tourists

Come the final evening
Hiking up the hill
Taking in the cityscape
Lit up in reds, and blues

Surrounded by couples,
Awkward and English
Two bottles of cheap white wine
Poorly chosen, but appropriately named

Sat outside our normal lives
Enjoying the moment
Pouring out a little drink
For the friends we’d go home to

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Behind The Famous Map

Intricate and expansive.
Complex and simple
Not boats, not planes
No cars, but trains. On time sometimes
Reliable on occasion
Driven with dissatisfaction and boredom.

Inside lives stress
Blood sweat
The occasional tear
Millions of human sardines
Struggling for space
Hanging on for fear of falling
Dignity before strangers
Gone with a stumble
Look anywhere but there
Speak the language of the underground –
Shouting louder than any noise

Every person, man woman child
All equal, all meaningless
A book or your thoughts, the only choices
Ordinary sights unordinary
Unordinary activities accepted
Rucksacks cause panic,
Condemnation from observant
Onlookers ignoring the goings on
A tut under the breath
A piercing glance
Hope the subject doesn’t pay attention

Stop after stop.
Start after start
Red circles, blue lines
Meaningless names
Flashing past against a
Commercialised backdrop
Buy music
Go to plays
Watch films
Be considerate of others
A message from the mayor.
Snorts of derision, a crumpled Metro

All in the same boat, particles, nothing more,
Insignificant masses
In the belly of the mechanical worm, altogether forming
The insignificant mass.

Wear your suit.
Do your job.
Don’t question, just submit.
Talk of revolution,
Mutter discontented gibberish
Just don’t act on any independent thoughts,
You’ll end up like everyone else.

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