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I have a dream
No, scratch that,
I have dreams
All the time
Every night and most days too
But they’re not of a perfect world
They don’t lead me to change society

My dreams don’t concern the nation
Not this one, another, or the whole of humanity
I have dreams
But they’re humble

I dream of being happy
Of a wife and children
A house with a garden
And a faithful family dog

I dream of a job
Of security and decent living
Of plentiful food
And of plentiful friends

These are my dreams
And they won’t make the world a better place
They won’t improve the lives of millions
Alter society’s view of a culture
They’re selfish and they’re small
But they’re still idealistic

Are my dreams too small?
Are they harmful goals?
Am I a bad person for them?


Posted by on September 5, 2014 in Character, Poetry


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