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Out of the country
But very much at home
Soaking in culture
And not a small amount of booze

Trekking through the city
Navigating with a sponsored map
Seeking the “nice view point”
Taking all opportunities

A trip with friends
Jokes and laughing,
Thoughts and just a little contemplation

Buildings and statues
Reminiscing of old school days
Letting ourselves wonder
What the future had in store

Money to enjoy our time
No worries had made the plane
Souvenir shopping, snapping pics
Trying not to be those tourists

Come the final evening
Hiking up the hill
Taking in the cityscape
Lit up in reds, and blues

Surrounded by couples,
Awkward and English
Two bottles of cheap white wine
Poorly chosen, but appropriately named

Sat outside our normal lives
Enjoying the moment
Pouring out a little drink
For the friends we’d go home to

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Posted by on May 22, 2018 in Poetry


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