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Burning Fences

A hedgehog’s haven
Luckily none have made their way
Just twigs and branches
An old chest of drawers
And a single fence panel

Running to the kitchen
Scrambling for matches
Smile painted on my face

Wellington boots not made for scampering
As I race along the path
Handing the matches across, I take my place
Far enough away

Slow to start, but enough to stoke excitement
I fidget, and look up in eagerness
A smile, and a single raised eyebrow
I grab a hand and look forward to the show

As the old papers catch alight, and the bark begins to crackle
I wander forwards
Blowing on it, because that’s what the grown-ups do

The flames move around
The smoke begins to billow
A cough and a splatter
And an ill-judged move to a less smoky place

The flames grow higher, tingeing the edges of the fence
I feel the warmth of my face
Lit by the golden glow
The perfect antidote to the fading light

Transfixed and entranced
I stand still for time
My father throws more branches on, and I scout for twigs
I throw them towards the pile
Missing 4 out of 5
But each one that’s caught up
Quickens my heart

It hits its peak
Tickling the low-lying leaves of the cedar overhead
Ash trickles down around
The remnants of a new-formed memory

Retreating inside
To hot chocolate and a story
I feel warmed outside and in
The smell of the bonfire to be forever associated
With the best of times


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