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21st Century Sonnet

In the information age so much is done by computer. I wondered whether that could one day stretch to poetry. This experimental piece is composed of single lines from 14 songs picked by iTunes’ shuffle. They were the first 14 songs to come up, and one line was taken from each, in the same order.

It’s time to go home now and I’ve got an aching head
“Someday love will find you”
I find myself laughing
Walking beside the guilty and the innocent
Sometimes I get that feeling
I’m with you
Take me to the beginning
Risk your life
You have always been there
You’ll be happy and wholesome again
Stop you on the street without a reason
Send you roses when they think you need to smile
You’re the only sanctuary that I know
Did you get what you deserved?


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Meandering through the wilderness
Paving the traveller’s way
Nothing but the mistress
With everything to say

Her voice was sharp
Its words acidic
Far cry from a sweet harp
The words hit home, swift as a kick
A shot through his black heart

For the words to fall upon deaf ears
That was his futile hope
She’d been waiting there for years
Just to tie the rope

Her happiness so evident
Found joy where no-one should
So this was it, ‘bout time he went
Then she bestowed upon him the hood

Behind the fabric a tear crept out
Hidden from her eye
Here he stood, a useless lout
For whom nobody would cry

But a moment lapsed during the deed
As the mistress had her say
His body lay among the reeds
As she slowly strolled away

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Rock of Rocks

Its grip reaches far
Its family populates the earth
It lives by its own metronome
It gives life at its discretion

It brings together and holds the group
It allows for individuals
It shelters and it nurtures
It remains the rock of rocks

Motionless through the turning
Steadfast in every season

It stands tall and it reaches
It sees losses and success
It gives them life
It sets them free
As it stands against the sky

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Into A World of Duplicates

In the great expanse
Live places, sections
Lines drawn across
By idle short-lived hands

Each corner is its own
Home to stories and experiences
Creators and incidents
The mundane and the wonderful

In one corner a creature lives
It lives, it breathes,
It goes on living
Its babe so helpless
Brought to being by
And reliant on her
She feeds and she nurtures
Bringing strength to the child

Restlessly she helps it
Striving to give it the best
On and on goes Father Time
Bringing strength with each moment passed
The babe grows stronger and begins to long
For the outside and the freedom
The mockery and the hurt

Abruptly it’s gone through the door
To see hundreds of its kind
On the path it wanders
Through a forest of intimidation

One by one it gathers friends
Support and helpful words
With each addition the footsteps lighten
Until on feathers the child walks

The mother watches, sending love
To build up her child, out of sight
The base had been strengthened
As the child walked alone

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A Piece of One

Green against the Blue

One against the other

Dwarfed against the might

Weak against the mighty

They give and they take

To each other and the others

Adjacent but far away

Mutually necessary but never to meet

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A Single Confused Tear

A single confused tear
Through the lashes
To roll down a cheek
Reflecting the world
In its lonely place
Not comforted by company
That would signal no comfort

But it stays alone
One broke through the barrier
The blockade breached
The barricade not an island
The single tear
Barely a drop in an ocean
Drifting away from safety
To the promise of a rescue
Towards dry land

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