29 May

From the floor
We look up

We look at the power
And the people in it

They look over us
They look at their idea

Their policies lacklustre
The important facets unchanged

Another comes through
The same things changed

A break between them and us
The strong desire for change

We look to the right
We look to the left

We look for something new
To people who understand us

So we remove the power
And hope for change

Us in power
Through them

Blinded by the power
The bureaucracy

Promises broken
Names renamed

It goes on
Under new management

Discontented and angry
We rise up

To shift the balance of power
In our favour

Where we can be them
And they become us

Because that’s better
The majority with the say

The minority underneath
Forced into our conditions

And our power settles
Into that familiar pattern

With a central structure
Nothing can be transformed

So we abolish it
Rip it from the body

Leave it on the scrapheap
To become but a relic

And we share the burdens
Make everyone equal

Everyone happy
In a world we run

Except the decisions aren’t ours
They’re made on our behalf

The pieces have moulded together
Back into the central figure

And there are people
People who understand hardship

They can change it
They believe in what we want

Revolution to cause change
The driver’s seat of the same car

Veering off the road
Needing to be corrected

So they correct it
Do what’s best for us

All the options the same
So we’ve nowhere to go

But something needs to change
We can’t go on like this

The elite control our lives
They don’t understand our plight

Through democracy we’ll change
Vote for people who can make a difference

From within this flawed system
From the inside out

Altering small aspects
Until the body is different

Only when that happens
Only when we see change

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