Grey Blinkers

26 Mar

Aimlessly walking down a common path
Thoughts entering and exiting my mind in equal measure
None of it conscious
None quite interesting enough to capture the attention

The surroundings are as uninspiring as the firing neurons,
Looking down, a grey, emotionless blur,
Looking up, a grey, emotionless blur
Overcast, the changeable sky settled on the dull
The ground never changes,
Not unless it’s paved in gold.
It definitely couldn’t direct you to Oz.

The people who are my equals
Stroll along, lost in thought or conversation
As grey as their surroundings,
Nothing more than moving clothes racks
to those they’ve never met.

Dig deeper, a personality shows itself
Jokes, fears, ideas, the works.
They’ll let them out on a daily basis
To almost anyone who’ll listen
Feigning interest in others’ lives
‘til the conversation turns back to their own.
A daily cycle,
Going on throughout their lives.
Their minds tapped like an oil well
Worth far less than the black elixir

The intelligent are the exception
The creative breaking the trend of low-level monotony
There’s no way to determine which ones possess the original thoughts
Yet society thinks it knows.

A young man in a tracksuit,
Cigarette on the go,
Spray can in the hand.
Dismissed as a chav,
as harmful to the race
Could have a curious and agile mind
His vandalism art, but in the wrong place

A 40 year old woman
Working in a service station
Dropped out of school, probably.
IQ of barely 90, probably.
Had kids by 16, put up in a council flat, probably.
No one has a clue of the potential she possesses
The raw ability of an untrained Picasso
A talent rough around the edges,
A sword that’s never seen a whetstone
Her view of the world
Transcends that of the high-earners
She sees beyond the normal,
Makes powerful statements.
But she’s not in a position to do that,
She’s there to serve the high-achievers,
Living in London,
She’s served politicians
Etonians, Oxbridge-graduates,
Genius-level IQs
It’s obvious who the smart one is.

A young woman,
No more than 25 years under her belt,
In the prime of her life,
Huddled in a holey blanket,
Watching the others,
Kept company by a faithful companion
The only loyal thing she’s known
She’s ignored by most of the passers-by
She’ll only spend their money on drugs
She’s there for a reason,
If I help her she’ll just claim benefits, then I’ll have to pay more taxes
None of the assumptions true,
Not in this case,
But she’s ignored nonetheless.
None want to hear what she has to say
But what she had to say changed my life.


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3 responses to “Grey Blinkers

  1. sinnerz13

    March 26, 2014 at 10:24 pm

    This is brilliant 🙂


  2. Maxwell Munchhausen

    March 30, 2014 at 7:56 pm

    This is beautiful, you seem very observant and to care a lot about the world



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