Burning Fences

A hedgehog’s haven
Luckily none have made their way
Just twigs and branches
An old chest of drawers
And a single fence panel

Running to the kitchen
Scrambling for matches
Smile painted on my face

Wellington boots not made for scampering
As I race along the path
Handing the matches across, I take my place
Far enough away

Slow to start, but enough to stoke excitement
I fidget, and look up in eagerness
A smile, and a single raised eyebrow
I grab a hand and look forward to the show

As the old papers catch alight, and the bark begins to crackle
I wander forwards
Blowing on it, because that’s what the grown-ups do

The flames move around
The smoke begins to billow
A cough and a splatter
And an ill-judged move to a less smoky place

The flames grow higher, tingeing the edges of the fence
I feel the warmth of my face
Lit by the golden glow
The perfect antidote to the fading light

Transfixed and entranced
I stand still for time
My father throws more branches on, and I scout for twigs
I throw them towards the pile
Missing 4 out of 5
But each one that’s caught up
Quickens my heart

It hits its peak
Tickling the low-lying leaves of the cedar overhead
Ash trickles down around
The remnants of a new-formed memory

Retreating inside
To hot chocolate and a story
I feel warmed outside and in
The smell of the bonfire to be forever associated
With the best of times


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Out of the country
But very much at home
Soaking in culture
And not a small amount of booze

Trekking through the city
Navigating with a sponsored map
Seeking the “nice view point”
Taking all opportunities

A trip with friends
Jokes and laughing,
Thoughts and just a little contemplation

Buildings and statues
Reminiscing of old school days
Letting ourselves wonder
What the future had in store

Money to enjoy our time
No worries had made the plane
Souvenir shopping, snapping pics
Trying not to be those tourists

Come the final evening
Hiking up the hill
Taking in the cityscape
Lit up in reds, and blues

Surrounded by couples,
Awkward and English
Two bottles of cheap white wine
Poorly chosen, but appropriately named

Sat outside our normal lives
Enjoying the moment
Pouring out a little drink
For the friends we’d go home to

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Still But For The Wind

Flat against the ground
Still but for the wind
Its silence broken
By Nature’s piercing beauties

Mostly hidden
Barely seen
So obvious, unmoving
Still against the wind

Rising high
Overlooking, overseeing
Still but with the wind
Alive and above all life

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Beyond the Compass’ Navigation

Floating on an opening
A tiny figure in the middle
Of a huge open space
In the middle
Of a larger open space
That is not known

To its right is entanglement
A web of problems
Crossing with each other
Weaving a disastrous tapestry

To the left stretches indefinite
Foggy and unknown
It holds a certain mystery

Within the murky land
Stand pillars of control
Ordering the chaos
Controlling the puzzles

In the distance rises stone
Surrounded by the kings of uncertainty
Flowing with wisdom and flooding every mind
The sight was to behold
Its secrets never to be held

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The Fear

I’m so grateful for The Fear
The crippling, painful fright
Of all the unknowns
To dive into the abyss
Is a tempting pursuit
Chasing a dream
That’s running away
from my collection of old knowns

I stand upon the edge
Looking down, over, across.
Pushed by my fear
‘til I teeter on the brink
The fear’s allegiance changes
It comes around to face me
Full of courage
And shoves me into limbo
Pushed, pulled,
And hating The Fear

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I have a dream
No, scratch that,
I have dreams
All the time
Every night and most days too
But they’re not of a perfect world
They don’t lead me to change society

My dreams don’t concern the nation
Not this one, another, or the whole of humanity
I have dreams
But they’re humble

I dream of being happy
Of a wife and children
A house with a garden
And a faithful family dog

I dream of a job
Of security and decent living
Of plentiful food
And of plentiful friends

These are my dreams
And they won’t make the world a better place
They won’t improve the lives of millions
Alter society’s view of a culture
They’re selfish and they’re small
But they’re still idealistic

Are my dreams too small?
Are they harmful goals?
Am I a bad person for them?


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21st Century Sonnet

In the information age so much is done by computer. I wondered whether that could one day stretch to poetry. This experimental piece is composed of single lines from 14 songs picked by iTunes’ shuffle. They were the first 14 songs to come up, and one line was taken from each, in the same order.

It’s time to go home now and I’ve got an aching head
“Someday love will find you”
I find myself laughing
Walking beside the guilty and the innocent
Sometimes I get that feeling
I’m with you
Take me to the beginning
Risk your life
You have always been there
You’ll be happy and wholesome again
Stop you on the street without a reason
Send you roses when they think you need to smile
You’re the only sanctuary that I know
Did you get what you deserved?


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